Questions You Need to Ask While Choosing Commercial Roofers

Are you currently facing a roof crisis at your commercial property? And in that case, you will have to go through that tiring and daunting process of hiring a roofing company to get the job done. It is always a wise idea to choose commercial roofers Colorado Springs as local companies are best to trust in case of emergencies. You will eventually shortlist a few good roofers but in to have the best one for your project is going to be tricky.

Being a customer, it is also your responsibility that you must know a little bit about how the whole business of commercial roofing works. It would be in your best interest to gain knowledge about it so that while you are choosing a commercial roofer, you will not have any confusion of any sort.

Therefore, here are some of the key questions that you must ask while choosing commercial roofers.

Do you hold a valid license?

This is one of the most common questions that one must ask before starting any major project. A valid license to work proves the expertise of that person or company. You will find a bunch of people claiming to be roofers, but if they are refusing to produce the license then you must understand that it is time to move on and look for other options. Also, in many states, having a license to work as a commercial roofer is a must because if anything goes wrong during the project, the license can be held as legal proof.

How much experience you have with commercial roofing projects?

You must know that there is a huge difference between commercial and residential roofing projects. Residential roofing is easy to install as compared to commercial. Therefore, when you are hiring a roofer, you must ask specifically about the commercial roofing experience. Therefore, always ask about their previous projects of commercial roofing and experience. It is always a good idea to hire a commercial roofer who has a lot of experience in commercial roofing projects.

Is it possible to provide references?

When you are looking for commercial roofers online, you must have checked the reviews and ratings before shortlisting the potential ones. Therefore, when you communicate with the roofers in person or over the phone, ask whether they can provide any references. If the roofer agrees to provide the references, then it is a sign of trust and authenticity. With those references, you will be able to completely understand their experience with that roofer and what quality of work, warranty, etc do they provide throughout the project and after.

Do you provide any kind of warranties?

Commercial roofing is a huge project where you will be spending a lot of money. Therefore, you are surely looking for a good warranty period in case anything comes up in the future. Many commercial roofers only offer the manufacturer warranty for the materials that are put to use in the project. But you should look for manufacturers and company warranty both so that you do not have to spend anything in the warranty period. Make sure that you are communicating this clearly before hiring the commercial roofer.

How much time is the project going to take?

Since it is a commercial roofing project, you cannot afford to have any downtime because there is construction going on. And that is why you must ask the roofer beforehand regarding the timeframe of the project so that you can change your plans to keep the business running even during the roofing project. The roofer will be able to give you a rough timeframe of the project but be prepared that there might a slight delay as the roofer might find a few repairs that are needed to be done.

Your business must keep running smoothly and for that, a strong roof is needed. But if in case, there are any repairs or replacement of the roof that needs to be done, you already know what you need to ask the commercial roofers to select the best as per your needs, expenses, and quality. Take your time to talk to all the roofers and then arrive at a decision.

How to Find the Cheapest Exchange Archiving Provider for Your Business

Today, businesses are relying heavily on emails as their main mode of communication. The fact is many startups are using smartphones as the main communication medium for doing business. With so much emphasis on mail, it is crucial that your business must use the cheapest exchange archiving service for storing all mails. The affordable mail archiving services creates a copy of each mail on your business account or personal account and stores them in an offsite server. It does not matter the content of the email, it will always be stored in the archive even if it is accidentally deleted on someone’s account. The highest level of transparency has several benefits for your business.

Archiving your mails is vital for your business. It helps to safely store the mails for future preferences. You may require past mails for simplifying the work of the IT department, litigation support or regulatory purposes. It also helps in reducing the costs for maintenance of servers. Managing servers for mails is a huge business cost. Even the normal archiving process takes much time to search for specific mails. Email archiving services helps in simplifying the processes and lowers the operational costs for your business. However, finding an exchange archiving provider at low cost is a difficult task. Therefore, we have provided some tips to find the cheapest one where you have to look for the features and compare the costs of various providers.

Focus on Short – Term Commitment

If you are planning to buy an email archiving service for the long term then you may waste your money if it does not fulfill your needs in the way you wanted. Instead, opt for services that provided a limited free trial or a pay-as-you-go option. This will help you to get familiar with the features and also helps in assessing the costs vis-à-vis-their benefits. If you feel satisfied with the short-term or free service, then you can subscribe for the long term with the provider. It not only helps you in saving money but also gives you peace of mind that you have taken the right step.

Unlimited Storage

There are service providers who will be offering unlimited storage for a little extra payment or for no additional costs. This is a very handy feature for your business that helps you in saving costs when choosing the cheapest exchange archiving service. If you think that your business will need more email archiving in the future, then it is wise to choose a provider that offers unlimited storage at cheapest rates.

Special Discounts

In your quest to find the affordable service, search for providers that offer very cheap rates as well as some discounts when you are opting for services like five to ten years archiving. With low rates, you will able to get a complete email archiving system. You can still access all the mails even if they are deleted from your end.

Additional Costs and Avoid Them

If the email archiving service provider wants you to invest in additional hardware then eventually it will add to your overall business cost. Therefore, if there are any extra requirements that may increase the cost of the archiving service then you must look for other archiving providers. You must choose an effective yet simple service provider that caters to your needs. Organizations opt to archive their emails to an external company for operational hassles and cost-cutting. If you have to invest in additional systems or hardware for the purpose then ultimately you need to pay more than perhaps what you have estimated.

Enhanced Features

With cheapest exchange archiving provider, you want your messages to be archived as well as safe. When choosing a provider, ask them to show how your emails will be stored. Various providers store your mails are different secure sites that are beneficial for your business. Does your provider verify the legitimacy of messages before archiving? Are the messages encrypted before transferring them for storage? What is the method of transporting your mails and is it safe? Are your messages stored in a read-only state for extra security of your data? You should ask these questions to your provider.

Reasons to Work with Temp-to-Hire Staffing Agencies

Finding the right talent can be a challenging proposition for many organizations. Apart from having the required qualifications and experience, the candidates must also be able to fit in well with the organizational culture. Failing this, they may not perform to the expected standard and end up costing the organization in time as well as in money. Therefore, to avoid bad hires, many of the leading organizations prefer to partner with temp to hire staffing agencies to do their hiring for them.

Top Reasons to Work with Temp-to-Hire Staffing Agencies

They Can Save You Time and Money

The entire hiring process can turn out to be time-consuming and expensive if you do it in-house. You must divert high-level resources from existing projects and put them in charge of the recruiting. They will then spend a lot of time in sifting through applications and resumes and in shortlisting candidates. Furthermore, they must interview the candidates and negotiate their salaries.

In the business world and elsewhere, time is a precious commodity and, if squandered away, can cost organizations a lot of money. The time expended in the hiring process can disrupt your organization’s other on-going projects and end up hurting your business. Additionally, it can cause dissatisfaction in the executives if they have to handle the recruitment on top of their regular duties. They may speed up the hiring process to get it over with, and you might end up with sub-par new employees as a result. That, again, will take a toll on your business operations.

The better option is to get someone that is solely concerned with selecting the right candidates. Temp-to-hire staffing agencies can do that for you. They will take over the work of searching for people whose skills match your job requirements. They will then schedule interviews and select those that will be an exact fit.

They Will Put You in Touch with Qualified Talent

Most reputable staffing agencies have built extensive industry networks over the years and maintain contacts with the best talent in town. They will, thus, be able to quickly find people who have the right skills and experience for your projects. Moreover, they will negotiate the work and salary terms with them.

With the temp-to-hiring staffing agency handling the entire recruitment process, you can rest assured that you will get top-tier candidates that have what it takes to get the work done.

They Let You be Flexible with Your Hiring

The staffing agency can help you to hire candidates on a temporary or permanent basis. It depends on your organization’s requirements. You may want to hire extra staff quickly on a seasonal basis or for a short-term project. You may also need to hire for a short duration to fill workforce gaps or to cover for existing staff members that are on leave. Or, you may want to tighten up your business operations and maintain a fluid workforce, hiring people only as and when needed.

Additionally, you may want to hire temporarily to assess the candidate’s work performance in a real-world environment before committing. Many organizations prefer to do this to avoid hiring the wrong people. If the candidates do well in a three-month trial period, you can choose to offer them a permanent position. That also works out well in the candidates’ favor. It gives them a chance, in their turn, to experience how your organization operates and decide if the work is what they want to continue doing in the long term. They can then accept or decline your offer.

They Assume Legal Liabilities

When the selected candidates start working for you on a contract basis, it is the staffing agency that will pay them their salary. They will also take care of their benefits, taxes, insurance coverage, and other dues. You will assume these responsibilities only if you decide to hire the candidates permanently.

So, for a growing number of organizations, temp-to-hire staffing agencies have become valuable partners for efficiently fulfilling their hiring requirements.

Five Reasons to Use Temp to Perm Agencies

Temp-to-perm employees are often referred to as try before you hire. It allows employers to bring in talent first temporarily without offering any commitment for permanent employment.

There are several benefits in hiring temporary workers, but there is a right and wrong way to go about it. Hence, organizations need to be careful and work with temp to perm agencies. Here are five reasons why it makes sense to use temp to hire with an agency for hiring temp-to-perm employees.

1. No Legwork Needed

Hiring temporary employees can be time-consuming like other recruitments. When you use a temp to hire agency, the company does not have to do the legwork for hiring temporary employees. It just needs to contact the temp to perm agency and provide them the company’s staffing requirements.

2. Assess the Suitability of the Candidate

The temp to perm model offers several benefits to employers. Traditional hiring processes are subjective and imperfect. The candidate that looks so good on paper and interviews might be a poor fit for the role.

Companies leverage temp to perm strategy to reduce the risk of bad hires. If the company plans to directly hire employees as per a temp to perm strategy, they also have to look at the legal aspects of such hiring. This is because the company is directly employing the candidate.

When you use a temp to perm agency, the agency is the employer of the candidate, and the company need not worry about the legal aspect of such hiring. This setup helps the company to assess the suitability of the candidate without the risks involved in such a hiring model.

3. Avoid Unemployment Costs and Wrongful Termination

The employment rules are complicated. If the company hires temporary employees on its own, they would need to bear the burden of unemployment costs when they terminate employees. Things are different when you use temp to perm agencies. This is because the temporary employees are on the payroll of the agency and not on your company’s payroll.

When you hire temporary employees through the agency, your company does not have to bear the financial burden of unemployment costs or unemployment insurance of temporary employees who are terminated or fired for a cause.

4. Reduction in Costs Related to Paid Vacation, Paid Time Off, Paid Sick Leave, Retirement Benefits

When your company hires temporary employees directly or through the agency, it has to pay workers compensation and overtime wherever applicable. However, when you hire temporary employees through an agency, the company saves on other financial benefits.

Since the temporary employee is not on the company’s payroll, the company needs to offer monetary compensation in the form of paid vacation, paid sick leave, paid time off, and retirements benefits. These monetary compensations will only be applicable if the temporary employee is offered a permanent position in the company.

5. Helps in Easy Growth Transition

Bad hires continue to be a big risk for organizations. Irrespective of all the questions and tests, it is difficult to tell whether the candidate would be a perfect fit for the role. If the candidate is not culturally fit, he/she may leave the company leading to financial loss due to attrition.

When you hire temporary employees through an agency, the company gets enough time to assess candidates on all aspects like skills, behavior, integrity and other important characteristics. The company gets the freedom to test the candidate for longer periods and not hastened to take any decision.

Only if the company finds the candidate suitable and they need staff, they can offer a permanent position and strengthen the workforce by a valuable addition.

There is no doubt that the temp to perm is the best strategy for businesses in a period of growth. By using temp to perm agencies, businesses can reduce the risk associated with it and hire the best candidates for permanent roles.

Did we miss any important reason for using temp to hire agencies?

Five Things You Must Know About Branding Your Startup

Starting a new business includes a lot of hard work. Every day you have to juggle between many tasks; meeting investors, recruiting people, sweet talking with clients and managing contractors. With so much daily commitment, you are left with very less time for important stuff. But, if you want your startup to grow healthily, you will need a unique identity.

Brand reputation and position is something that is built up slowly and earned over a time. Having said that, the actions you take at the initial stages of branding will dictate where your brand will move ahead in the future. It is important to get things right from scratch. Here are some important things you should know about branding your startup with the help of a branding agency in Seattle, New York or Los Angeles.

  1.       Define Your Brand Clearly

The majority of the startup founders has a clear idea about things they are trying to accomplish. However, when someone asks them what their company does, they come up with an explanation of conceptual solutions rich with technical jargons that are not easy to understand. This is not good.

The best way for effective branding is coming up with a simple descriptive sentence. It’s okay if the sentence is not long enough and does not convey everything you do. The point is to achieve clarity while communicating your brand. For example, the branding of Nike has just three recognizable words – Just Do It. It does not say anything about their shoe business. The tag line has become a communication model for the company that is relevant to all fitness enthusiasts.

  1.       Craft a Visual Identity for Your Brand

“Picture speaks a thousand words” and it holds true for branding. Your Logo is the first visual your customer gets about the company. Your logo should represent your business in some way.

The famous Amazon logo has an arrow starting from alphabet “A” to alphabet “Z” which also looks like a smiley that tells customers the company wants its customer to be happy. So you need to make sure, your startup logo tells some story to your customer.

  1.       Brand Positioning

Positioning means giving information about your business. In simple words, it’s communicating what you stand for a specific customer segment in the market. Your brand positioning should clearly tell what problem in the industry/society your startup is trying to solve.

Brand positioning is different from taglines. Positioning statements are more for internal use. For example, when was launched in 2001, its brand positioning statement was “To urban-dwelling, educated techno-savvy consumers, when you use Zipcar car-sharing service instead of owning a car, you save money while reducing your carbon footprint.”

The above brand positioning clearly states the target market and the problem the startup was trying to solve.

  1.       Bringing Customer to the Brand

Today, you need a strong presence in the mass media to get recognition for your brand. You can give advertisements in the newspaper, but that is not enough. Your customer is dispersed across different marketing channels and you need to explore every marketing channel you know where your customer exists.

You can use SEO, Social Media and YouTube to get attention of your customers. Given the short attention span of customers, startups need to develop a strong brand marketing plan and put in consistent efforts to stay in the limelight so that your brand in always in front of your customers until it becomes memorable and easily recognizable.

  1.       Customer Service That Supports Marketing Efforts

Every brand that stands strong today is able to achieve the position only because of exceptional customer service. For example, if you Google about Amazon’s customer service, you will find several examples where the CEO, Jeff Bezos gives high importance to every issue faced by customers. There are examples of customers amazed by the action taken by the online retail giant just to make the customer happy.

Your customer service needs to back up claims made in marketing campaigns. If it does not, your brand will attract negative reviews that can be disastrous. Make sure your operations team always reads about the action taken by the marketing team to build your brand. Never forget, you need to always put customers first.

Do you recognize any other branding elements that need to focus by startups?

Why Business Management is Important for the Success of Your Company

There are several qualities that result in successful businesses, and many of these things are organized and driven by managers and management teams. Here are a few of the important things business management teams do well that helps a company’s success.

Cultivate culture

Every company has a culture – or a belief system, often driven by whatever they have earmarked their ‘core values’ to be. To perpetuate this culture, companies have to hire people who are naturally inclined to possess the traits they desire and who will be naturally willing to promote and support the company’s core values. Business managers carry a lot of responsibility in this respect because they promote the brand of the company, not only to customers or clients, but to employees too. A good business manager helps to continually cultivate the company’s culture amongst its employees.


Proper business management is all about strategy and following the dictated plan of how to move a company from one level to the next. A good business that is implemented effectively will influence and permeate throughout a business. It often falls to business managers – depending on the industry – to devise or redesign these plans, and then enforce them.

Taking risks

Not all risks are, well, worth the risk. This is particularly true when it comes to business, but in business, you often have to take measured and calculated risks to get ahead. A strong business management team should act as knowledgeable advisors regarding the possible risks (or leaps) the business could take, and then mapping out the cause and effect of each. At the end of it all, with proper information and guidance, a business owner should be able to choose the best risk for the company that will pay off in the end.

Financial plan

I financial plan for any business is critical. Setting forth and adhering to a budget is critical – no matter how big the budget is that you are working with. Finances need to be allotted to particular departments, or to research or even material procurement and salaries – ever dollar must be accounted for, and a business manager should be a great asset in this department. With their breadth of experience, they will have the knowledge necessary to help you determine where you can afford to spend, and where you should skimp.

Tax plan

Every business needs a tax plan if they hope to succeed. Tax plans should encompass everything from profits and losses to succession, in order to maintain a business’s strength and presence in its given market. Proper tax planning can save a business a lot of money and help them to budget their finances more effectively.

Streamlining processes

It’s all about efficiency and a proper business manager on the ground floor will be a great asset when determining where the slack is in the business. This could be determining if there are any redundancies in employee jobs/tasks, or in the company protocols themselves. The more efficient a company’s operating and manufacturing processes are, the more profits it will net and the better it will be able to serve it’s client base.

Get with the times

Staying up to date with technology is an important off-shoot of streamlining processes. Whether it means installing new software on company computers, or updating the tech itself, say by introducing personal tablets to the work environment, being on top of technological advances and taking advantage of them for your business can never hurt.


A strong and innovative marketing strategy can be hard to come by in today’s world of shock and awe – but the closer you can get to perfection and originality, the better. Your business manager should be a key player in the effort to keep each department informed and working with each other. Making sure that your marketing is in-line with your culture and your financial goals is a big job, but it’s also an important one. Marketing strategies can make or break your business, so you’ll surely want to have a solid go-between in a business manager to pick up the slack during the times you can’t represent yourself in important meetings.

There are so many more ways that good business management professionals and teams can work to make a business successful, or more successful than it already is. More often than not, businesses without a business manager are in desperate need of one – even if they are doing relatively well. It’s one of those things you didn’t know you needed until you needed it. Get ahead of the curve!