Weibo Advertising and It’s Beneficial Features

Sina Weibo (often called as only Weibo) is a popular micro-blogging site in China. It has a wide user base; making it an effective platform for business promotion.  In fact, Weibo advertising is crucial for effective business promotion in China given its beneficial features and targeted approach.

Businesses can pay for the features they want to use. The pricing depends on factors such as keywords, page placement of the banners, size of the ads, etc.

Beneficial Features of Weibo Advertising

Weibo has many features that businesses can leverage for their promotional work. 

Search Function –

Weibo has an excellent in-built search function. It helps users to find products and news related to their interests and needs. Businesses can leverage this feature for effective Weibo advertising.

You can utilize keywords related to your business offering. When the Weibo users will search for something using the same keyword, your business account page can be a top result depending on your use of the keyword.

You can utilize the search function for greater brand visibility by way of your Weibo account. The search function will bring more Weibo users to your account. You can then use content on the official page to form a more loyal following. With enough interest in your business or brand; the users are likely to visit your website. Such targeted approach is one of the beneficial features of Weibo advertising.

Display Advertisements –

Weibo advertising also offers businesses the use of display adverts. These ads can feature on the platform’s homepage, the news feed of followers or other Weibo users, and on the discover section or the search page.

When users will click on the display ad, it will lead them to the company’s homepage on the platform. You can optimize the ads for the mobile as well as other devices.

Fan Tunnels –

Fan Tunnels is a feature by which you can target Weibo users who have an interest in your business category. You can use this feature to not only promote your business account but also a specific post. Your promotion will appear in the news feeds of the users but as a headline.

You can specify the target audience not only as per interest but also using other criteria such as gender, age, and location.  You can even find other users of the same interest as your followers using this feature.

Using this feature, businesses can build a following. Access to followers means recurring opportunities for business promotion. Fan Tunnels are used to target all the Weibo users and not just the followers of a company.

Fan Headlines –

You can pay for the headline feature to target your existing followers but with more focus. It helps businesses to promote their products or services to the existing users including their connections. It ultimately helps them to gain more followers.

Headlines help to augment the efforts of the Fan Tunnel feature for business promotion. You can use headlines to increase your user base based on shared interests with your existing followers.

Videos –

Weibo displays videos related to different categories in a single video homepage. Users can also sort videos using topics of interest on this homepage.

Businesses can leverage this feature for effective Weibo advertising. They can create excellent video content to offer to the users of the platform and improve their visibility on the platform. Useful or entertaining videos are a great way to promote a product or service.

Weibo Stories –

You can use this feature to offer more engaging content to your users. The comments of the users on Weibo Stories are also visible to all. It helps with greater engagement of the users for each post they see and then choose to comment on it. Your story can also feature on the Weibo stories page, which can further help to bolster a brand’s visibility.

Weibo Stories page also contains different categories for easier search and browsing. You can utilize this feature to promote your stories and business on Weibo.

Weibo stories offer a creative way for businesses to engage with users or their followers. It is a different way to promote a product or a service than direct ads or search promotions.