Three Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Important

It has been established long ago that China is currently at the top of the list for consumer-oriented digital technologies. It enjoys unmatched development rates, higher than any other country in the world. Not only is it the world’s largest e-commerce market at the moment, but it is also predicted to account for over 60% of the world’s retail e-commerce sales in the world by 2021 (currently standing at a staggering 40% of all global transactions).

The marketplace of China alone is ever-changing. With the changing demographics, rising incomes, and a definite increase in consumers, it is important to keep up with the tactics required to convince them of your brand’s promise. This is where digital marketing in China ( plays a massive role. You might be a great company with a strong message back home, but that doesn’t really matter in China.

Digital Marketing in China: The Sky’s the Limit!

Brand-focused marketing is what keeps the companies in China going. Everyone knows that China has the capability of setting the future of the digital frontier in the entire world, but why is it that so many foreign companies know so little about digital marketing in China? With limited access to reach Chinese customers, this could only lead to trouble for your company. But fear not, for this article feeds you with the reasons why you need to invest time in understanding digital marketing in China and the three main reasons why it is so important in today’s day and age.

And of course, your next step would be figuring out how to go about incorporating digital marketing in China into your brand, giving you the chance to flourish in this ever-expanding market with an endless momentum for growth!

Digital Marketing in China: Is it Really that Hard?

Let’s not forget that the digital landscape in China is completely different from that of the outside world. The Western counterparts flaunt their products on Facebook, YouTube, and Google, but in China, thanks to the Great Firewall, they have internet giants like Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent (BAT). In order to gel in with their digital economy, you must use digital marketing techniques that work in China, and therefore, adapt. So, if you’re unaware or new to the topic, then consider hiring a third-party, professional digital marketing professionals in China who will get the job done for you!

Marketing is Now Mobile

If your question is “why digital marketing”- the answer is simple. Marketing has now gone Mobile! With over 753 million mobile internet users in China, with over 95% of them using a mobile device to go online, Chinese consumers are now more exposed and dependent on mobile technology than ever before. The affordability of mobile smartphones today makes this easy, even for the Gen Z! In the year of 2019, Chinese mobile users spent over $1.5 trillion USD on mobile e-commerce alone! So when mobile e-commerce is changing the patterns of Chinese commerce in general, it is time to update your methods of reaching to them. With such a widespread platform and multiple ways to reach them through digital marketing in China, this is your best shot to show the average Chinese customer how much your brand adores the (new) target audience.

Social Shopping is the Only Way Up

Let’s get real for a minute: social shopping is the ultimate future, not just for China, but the entire world. Having said that, there’s no denying that China is already half-way up the ladder, ahead of most countries. It has the most active social media environment with a market exceeding over $150 billion USD! Social shopping is basically mixing up online shopping with social networking. Essentially, Chinese customers like to be entertained while they shop, they might need the opinions of their friends before buying something, and check out online forums and discussions to get a second (and even third) opinion! Most Chinese customers are most likely to endorse brands that exhibit positive social interactions, which is only possible through effective digital marketing techniques. Your brand, therefore, has the potential to grow exponentially by using these amazing features.

Foreign Brands Have Leverage

If you’re a foreign brand, let’s not forget that you have an added advantage. In general, Chinese customers believe that foreign brands are associated with quality. So, foreign products are believed to be of higher quality and they are less likely to counterfeit. Definitely use this to your advantage and make good use of the many digital marketing techniques in China that have proven effective. This enormous marketplace in China, what with its strong branding and significant digital presence is a great place to reach your target audience!