How to Find the Cheapest Exchange Archiving Provider for Your Business

Today, businesses are relying heavily on emails as their main mode of communication. The fact is many startups are using smartphones as the main communication medium for doing business. With so much emphasis on mail, it is crucial that your business must use the cheapest exchange archiving service for storing all mails. The affordable mail archiving services creates a copy of each mail on your business account or personal account and stores them in an offsite server. It does not matter the content of the email, it will always be stored in the archive even if it is accidentally deleted on someone’s account. The highest level of transparency has several benefits for your business.

Archiving your mails is vital for your business. It helps to safely store the mails for future preferences. You may require past mails for simplifying the work of the IT department, litigation support or regulatory purposes. It also helps in reducing the costs for maintenance of servers. Managing servers for mails is a huge business cost. Even the normal archiving process takes much time to search for specific mails. Email archiving services helps in simplifying the processes and lowers the operational costs for your business. However, finding an exchange archiving provider at low cost is a difficult task. Therefore, we have provided some tips to find the cheapest one where you have to look for the features and compare the costs of various providers.

Focus on Short – Term Commitment

If you are planning to buy an email archiving service for the long term then you may waste your money if it does not fulfill your needs in the way you wanted. Instead, opt for services that provided a limited free trial or a pay-as-you-go option. This will help you to get familiar with the features and also helps in assessing the costs vis-à-vis-their benefits. If you feel satisfied with the short-term or free service, then you can subscribe for the long term with the provider. It not only helps you in saving money but also gives you peace of mind that you have taken the right step.

Unlimited Storage

There are service providers who will be offering unlimited storage for a little extra payment or for no additional costs. This is a very handy feature for your business that helps you in saving costs when choosing the cheapest exchange archiving service. If you think that your business will need more email archiving in the future, then it is wise to choose a provider that offers unlimited storage at cheapest rates.

Special Discounts

In your quest to find the affordable service, search for providers that offer very cheap rates as well as some discounts when you are opting for services like five to ten years archiving. With low rates, you will able to get a complete email archiving system. You can still access all the mails even if they are deleted from your end.

Additional Costs and Avoid Them

If the email archiving service provider wants you to invest in additional hardware then eventually it will add to your overall business cost. Therefore, if there are any extra requirements that may increase the cost of the archiving service then you must look for other archiving providers. You must choose an effective yet simple service provider that caters to your needs. Organizations opt to archive their emails to an external company for operational hassles and cost-cutting. If you have to invest in additional systems or hardware for the purpose then ultimately you need to pay more than perhaps what you have estimated.

Enhanced Features

With cheapest exchange archiving provider, you want your messages to be archived as well as safe. When choosing a provider, ask them to show how your emails will be stored. Various providers store your mails are different secure sites that are beneficial for your business. Does your provider verify the legitimacy of messages before archiving? Are the messages encrypted before transferring them for storage? What is the method of transporting your mails and is it safe? Are your messages stored in a read-only state for extra security of your data? You should ask these questions to your provider.