Five Effective Strategies for Using WeChat eCommerce for Your Business

WeChat e-Commerce – A Powerful Tool

The prime aim of all businesses that plan to enter into the Chinese market will be to reap maximum profit by utilizing the buying power of the Chinese customers. Social media marketing is one of the varied practical ways by which companies can achieve this organizational objective. The best bet for the same is to go for WeChat e-Commerce, which has already become the most effective digital marketing tool as far as China is concerned. However, one key thing that companies will have to make sure is to hire the professional proficiency of a talented SEO agency, which has already proved their competence.

Five Effective Strategies for Using WeChat e-Commerce for Your Business

Some companies are likely to experience a little bit of confusion while entering the Chinese market. This uncertainty is because they will not be familiar with the practical methods by which they will have to do the related promotional activities. You must bear in mind that, in China, if one has to become winning in pulling the social media marketing efforts to the shores of success, WeChat e-Commerce activities are imperative.

•  Create Loyalty Programs: One of the main pragmatic ways to use WeChat e-Commerce is to create loyalty programs. This way is handy for persuading customers to buy your products or services. Remember, when customers become mentally attached to your brand, for sure, they will recommend the same to their close relatives and contacts. Some of the feasible ways are introducing novel programs such as point system, e-coupons, VIP cards, or collaborating with (KOL) Key-Opinion Leaders or another group.

•  WeChat Advertising: WeChat advertising is one prime choice. This method is sure to reap high dividends for you. This social media site is the most popular one in China; the number of daily visitors is nearly about 902 million, and the monthly active official accounts come to somewhere around 797 million. An average Chinese user comes to the platform at least ten times daily. These statistics show that WeChat advertising is the best practical option to augment the site traffic, and thus to increase the sales revenue. Here, you will get two options; accounts and moments.

‘WeChat Moments’ is a unique feature wherein the users can update status via sharing articles, images, or small videos with their group members or their followers. It is possible to buy the moment ad, and these will pop up on the pages of the targeted audience. When users view their moments, they will also see the ads, and if the product or service is of their interest, they will click. Thus they will be directed to your web portal.

Likewise, going for the accounts ads is another option. These ads will crop up as ad banners at the bottom part of the articles that come on WeChat. This condition practically means that the reader will see the ad when he or she reaches the end portion.

•  Through Quality Advertorial Content: You can post valuable content in WeChat; however, you must make sure that the posted content is beneficial for the readers. The posts must be constructive and engaging as regards the readers. It must be convincing as well as gripping; if your content is attention-grabbing, then people will share it, and thereby increasing the chances of website traffic.

•  Link Store to Official Account: You can link your online portal to your official WeChat account, and this will increase the chances of sales augmentation. Here, the user will not have to get away from the WeChat app, and thus, they will feel it easy and comfy to buy the items they need.

•  Mini Programs: These are the apps incorporated within the WeChat app, and hence, there will not be any need for the users to install additional applications to dig up the details about a specific brand.

That said, to get the maximum feasible advantages from WeChat e-Commerce, you must seek professional help from a reliable SEO company that has practical experience in social media marketing in China. Through an internet search, you can find the leading SEO agencies. However, you must take into consideration the reviews provided by the clients for selecting a suitable SEO agency for your digital marketing purpose.